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Sling Prolapse Play With HungerFF

Sling Prolapse Play With HungerFF

A massive rosebud alert!

Did you know that HungerFF has a favorite place at his home? Right in the corner of the hallway, he has positioned his favorite equipment – leather sling and rimming seat. He really loves his moments there, even when there’s no one who can fisting him. Just like today. His rosebud is so thirsty for a big fist!

Sling Prolapse Play With HungerFF
Hunger starts his prolapse play in the sling.

So, HungerFF hops in the sling and lubes his hole with j-lube. It’s a very special, delicate moment. This muscle, hairy man with his giant hole drenched in lube. It’s a really erotic and intimate solo.

Sling Prolapse Play With HungerFF 2
So much lube in his ass..

And because the video features the most famous prolapse in industry, Hunger shares his deepest parts with us. The full video is at your disposal at his JFF channel. Enjoy!

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