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Smashed: Y-Ass & Axel Abysse

Smashed: Y-Ass & Axel Abysse

It’s time for a hot introduction on AxelAbysse.Com. In Smashed, Axel Abysse presents his new fisting buddy Y-Ass, a guy with an enormous rosebud. So, if you’re into fat rosebuds, just don’t miss that guy Y-Ass because he has one of the coolest prolapses we’ve ever seen – it’s large, deep, and wide, just a delicious wrecked cunt that deserves a lot of rimming. Honestly, we could stay inside of that hole for hours.

Smashed: Y-Ass & Axel Abysse

Smashed: Y-Ass & Axel Abysse 1

Smashed: Y-Ass & Axel Abysse 2

Smashed: Y-Ass & Axel Abysse 3

Smashed: Y-Ass & Axel Abysse 4

Smashed: Y-Ass & Axel Abysse 5

Who’s Y-Ass? Based in Osaka, Y-aSS lives a double life. Preppy professional by day, he turns into a really hungry pig when the night comes. He discovered fisting about 12 years ago and hasn’t stopped since. Part of a discrete local fisting community, he’s spending his free time getting his hole wrecked. What was first a dirty hobby became a true addiction, leading to a full transformation of his cunt.

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In their first mutual video, Axel Abysse and Y-ass exchange fists and piss in a totally exciting flip-fisting session. It’s truly amazing, especially that part where Axel’s eating Y-ass rosebud. Enjoy!

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