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Surrender: Yoshi Kawasaki & Axel Abysse

Surrender: Yoshi Kawasaki & Axel Abysse 5

Fisting Inferno

Asian porn idol Yoshi Kawasaki & Axel Abysse get together once again in “Surrender”.

Asian bad boy Yoshi Kawasaki returns to Axel Abysse for a phenomenal life gay fisting show. “Surrender” is an incredibly explosive video you shouldn’t miss. When gay fisting and kink porn auteur Axel Abysse’s intriguing new update “Surrender” premieres on his eponymous website this Friday, the scene’s most surprising attribute is not the connected, passionate fisting sex between Abysse and partner Yoshi Kawasaki. Longtime fans and viewers expect exactly that. On the other hand, the locale and story behind “Surrender” are eyebrow-raising, to say the least.

Surrender: Yoshi Kawasaki & Axel Abysse

Axel and Yoshi’s live performance was perhaps the most shocking part of an onstage presentation of Japanese multidisciplinary artist Daisuke Fujiwara’s unique fashion show titled “EDEN: Surrender”. The February 20th Tokyo event brought together dancers, vocalists, drag queens, and various entertainers to present and promote Fujiwara’s edgy GlamHate brand. Onstage that evening, Yoshi and Axel joined darkwave artist/musician Buzz Kull on the stage of Contact nightclub for an “epic journey into the void”.

Surrender: Yoshi Kawasaki & Axel Abysse 1

Abysse himself is no stranger to the fashion catwalk, though never in an event quite like this one. He explains,

“I love being involved in projects that aren’t necessarily porn-related. I used to be a fashion model in Tokyo. But along with Bernhard Willhelm’s Spring Summer 2019 collection, this is only the second time I’ve been asked to join a fashion project as my real, out and proud self.
Going on stage with a crew, to deliver a show along with such a large panel of entertainers was very inspiring. And because it’s always exciting to be subversive, I loved wrecking and exposing my hole to a crowd that wasn’t expecting it.”

Surrender: Yoshi Kawasaki & Axel Abysse 2

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Axel Abysse and Yoshi Kawasaki.

Needless to say, the mostly straight and largely female crowd attending the event were surprised and unprepared to watch a full-fledged fisting sex encounter as key component of a fashion event. Yoshi (who is preparing his own kink-based project with Zbuckz) appreciated the ambiance as something daring and unique.

“The vibe of EDEN was drastically different from any other shows I have done. Not only it was heavily choreographed, with live music by Buzz Kull, but was also a mixed event with many women and people who are not into fisting in the audience. I don’t think they were quite ready for what was about to happen when Axel Abysse and I got on the stage.
It didn’t feel like work to me. It felt like I playing with my favorite fist pig like we always do. The only difference was the audience. I found it really hot to surprise them with my rosebud.”

Surrender: Yoshi Kawasaki & Axel Abysse 4

Abysse is determined to keep sharing his passion through the tough times we are living through. He believes artistic collaborations like the public event that “Surrender” was an integral part of, are assisting our creation and healing.

Axel Abysse’s “Surrender” is online for viewing at Friday, April 17. New site members get a “lockdown special” rate starting off with a month for $9.98.

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