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Leo Forte – Shoulder Deep Inside Of HungerFFDeep Gay Fisting

Leo Forte – Shoulder Deep Inside Of HungerFF

The legend Leo Forte is back! Leo Forte’s return is extraordinary news. We’re happy to see him again, paired with the amazing fisting lover HungerFF in that intense deep fisting session. Despite the long pause he made, Leo hasn’t lost momentum. He’s still that great fucker who uses men making
Foot Fisting: Ben Gets Fucked By A Big FeetGay Fisting

Foot Fisting: Ben Gets Fucked By A Big Feet

If you like foot fisting, little, horny Latin bottom Ben is just like you. He gets his ass brutally destroyed in this extreme video. You’ll probably recognize Leo Forte as the top. Leo starts hard by punch fucking Ben’s large gape.. A little guy but a very big hole indeed.
Harley Everett Destroys Leo Forte’s AssGay BDSM

Harley Everett Destroys Leo Forte’s Ass

One of the biggest dicks in porn and one of the sexiest men ever – Harley Everett. This muscle, heavy inked leather dude plays hard with Leo Forte. The two recreate the perfect game of master and slave. Harley’s balls are tied up and Leo alternates them with Harley’s big
Fist Fuck Latinos – Part 2Gay Fisting

Fist Fuck Latinos – Part 2

Our Latino is boxed by Leo Forte’s. Alternating his fists, Leo provides brutal punch fisting for the guy. Then Leo lubes up his foot and makes the boy to ride it. Leo’s foot disappears into the guy’s hole. And while the boy continues riding, Leo begins to jerk his dick
Fist Fuck Latinos – Part 1Gay Fisting

Fist Fuck Latinos – Part 1

Super star Leo Forte is paired up with an anonymous Latin bottom in this video of Fisting Central. This young Latino has a very talented and obviously heavy used hole. He succeeds to take Leo’s fist without any preparation. Leo punches his red spot with no mercy. Ruthless and aggressive
Loud and NastyGay Fisting

Loud and Nasty

If vocal studs grunting, groaning, and screaming in steamy scenes of power play make your pulse pound, you won’t keep quiet during LOUD AND NASTY, the hottest, filthiest kink title in TitanMen’s jaw-dropping ROUGH series. Three pairs of TitanMen’s highest-caliber studs subject each other to sweat-dripping, lung-piercing, fisting, ass-stretching edge
Leo Forte and Race Cooper – FuckingGay BDSM

Leo Forte and Race Cooper – Fucking

With Race Cooper’s hands tied to his ankles and knees bent, his legs are spread wide open for Leo Forte to plow with abandon. Race whimpers, moans and sometime screams in pain. But the pain is often mixed with pure ecstasy as Leo flips him over and rides his big,
SubmitGay BDSM


If the exchange of power between two hot and horny men gets you sweating, you’ll want to give it up to Submit, from in TitanMen’s Rough fetish series. Submit features the rough and ready men you can only find at TitanMen, engaged in the twisted pig play – ropes, chains,
Fisting TrapGay Dildo Fucking

Fisting Trap

Don’t go out alone tonight – you might get caught in a Fisting Trap, Club Inferno’s hottest abduction fantasy. Club Inferno Exclusive Evan Matthews leads a cast of handball predators who deliver action so shocking you won’t believe your eyes! Once you’re caught you may never want to escape the
Wet Punk Faggot FistingDeep Gay Fisting

Wet Punk Faggot Fisting

These punks are ready for anything, and they can take everything. Sex crazed piggy faggots who get their ultimate pleasures by having huge fists and arms deep in their ass and the studs who deliver appendages for pleasure. Two of the scenes are fantastic flip-fisting with Exclusive Erik Rhodes giving


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