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Tarrez Davis Fist Fucked By Seth Tyler

Tarrez Davis Fist Fucked By Seth Tyler 2

Tarrez Davis is a fisting novice but he really wants to feel Seth Tyler’s hand fist fucking his ass. Haitian Tarrez has a great body, a tight little hole and a great cock too that’s cut but a little uncut, if that makes sense? He’s happy to get some special attention from Seth, getting his mouth on that big dick and sucking the precum out of it.

Tarrez Davis Fist Fucked By Seth Tyler
Tarrez is sucking Seth before taking his fist in the ass.

His ass needs a lot of work but he’s getting started with a little fisting and stretching, his hole wet and flexing while Seth jams his hand in there and eases him open. He’s loving it, but he loves it even more when that big raw cock slides in to fuck him.

Tarrez Davis Fist Fucked By Seth Tyler 1
Seth fist fucks the novice.

Seth uses his hole and pumps cum deep inside before he’s finally done with his new lad, but he’s probably gonna be back to get a lot more stretching!

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