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The Submission of Cameron Kincade

The Submission of Cameron Kincade 1

Cameron Kincade can’t wait to be punished once again. His master, Jessie Colter, has a special sadistic plan for the new slave. Cameron is ordered to hold a strenuous plank as the zapper creeps its way into his hole, jolting him across the floor as his screams fill the dungeon. Defiant, Cameron still refuses to submit, so he’s then suspended in the air while medical forceps torment his nipples. A combination of merciless flogs and the clamps tearing away at his chest brings Cameron to submission as he begs for mercy. Strapped down and ass propped out, Jessie truly shows his domination by fucking his freshly broken slave and giving him a face full of cum.

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Gay Fisting: The Submission of Cameron Kincade 1

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