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Titan Men Presents: Fallen Angel 4 – Sea Men

Titan Men Presents: Fallen Angel 4 - Sea Men

Fallen Angel 4 – Sea Men is a movie for all the fans of fisting, leather fetish, rough fucking and BDSM. Remastered in full HD, it makes his second debut.

Another great classic movie by Titan Men makes his full HD debut on Brutal Red – Fallen Angel 4 – Sea Men. The film recreates the perverse story of a group of gay sailors who have found interesting ways to meet their sexual needs during their long overseas voyages. In this way, the authors manage to include different storylines that satisfy every taste.Virtually all fetishes are shown in the film. There’s a fisting scene, there are BDSM scenes, there are so many aggressive tops in leather uniforms.. indeed, this film remains the big legend of Titan Men.

The film was released in 2001, and then it became the hit of the year, just days after its premiere. Reviews are more than positive because the community and its tastes are for the first time fully covered. On top of that, Fallen Angel 4 features some of the most popular gay porn models of the 90’s and 2000’s. Dred Scott, Gabriel Cortez, Stein Losnegaard, Patrick Knight, Jon Galt, Mike Conway and Rik Jammer are only part of the cast. In addition, during this period the film provoked a real revolution because it includes 7 scenes. By comparison, then 3 scenes have been accepted as a gold standard in the industry.

Now, let’s take a brief look at the scenes. Leather and rubber are the foundation of all scenes. These muscular, aggressive men can not appear without proper fetish equipment. The scenes themselves are rough, very unconventional and very different. For example, you could enjoy Rik Jammer fisting fucked by Dred Scott or Patrick, Jon and Mike in a BDSM session. There are also big orgies, large dildos and many, many more. Now, the whole movie is available for watching or downloading, inside Titan Men’s member area.

Gay Fisting & BDSM: Titan Men Presents: Fallen Angel 4 - Sea Men

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