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Viktor Rom Fists And Fucks Axel Abysse

Viktor Rom Fists And Fucks Axel Abysse

Axel Abysse gets his ass power punched and fucked by Viktor Rom.

Viktor Rom has always been a hot Spanish Macho. That massive, muscle body covered with cool tattoos. Axel Abysse is happy to invite him inside his stretched ass. Actually, Axel explained that Viktor has some magic, something special that makes people obey him. We think that’s true – Viktor has a very special charm.

Viktor Rom Fists And Fucks Axel Abysse 4
Viktor fucks Axel hard before he fists him.

Most studios always start their scenes with cock sucking and then end them with ass fucking. Well, within a few minutes, the video looks like a normal porn. Axel sucks Viktor off and the he gets fucked by the Macho. The similarities end right here, because the rest is pure fisting.

Viktor Rom Fists And Fucks Axel Abysse 3
Viktor fist fucks Axel.

We aren’t sure how much experienced in fisting Viktor Rom is but it looks that Axel enjoys his fist pretty much. Viktor is a rough fister and apparently likes punch fisting. He boxes Axel’s rosebud with an incredible force.

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