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Will Angell Breeds & Fists HungerFF’s Prolapse

Will Angell Breeds & Fists HungerFF's Prolapse 4

HungerFF comes back to the House of Angell for round 2 of his bareback and fisting session with Will Angell. If you’re into prolapses, here you are. We find HungerFF lying in a leather sling. We look between his two hairy globes and see his sensational prolapse. It looks stunning, but only real fisting fans know that. For example, we would play with it for a long time and we would like to taste it. Of course, fucking prolapse is also very nice.

This is the focus of Will Angell and HungerFF’s second meeting – fucking prolapse. Will approaches the sling and begins to gently massage Hunger’s huge gut. Apparently, Will likes to touch HungerFF’s prolapse, because very soon his cock becomes hard and eager to penetrate. Will inserts it in the middle of the prolapse and pushes it back inside with the help of his dick.

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Will Angell starts fucking Hunger’s gaping hole. All the time we are witnessing not only their actions but also the dirty words in their dialogue, which is an interesting bonus to the video. Will has a relatively large cock, but when it comes to HungerFF, that’s not enough. That’s why he offers Will to fuck him double – with a fist and a cock at the same time.

Will Angell Breeds & Fists HungerFF's Prolapse

Will Angell Breeds & Fists HungerFF's Prolapse 1

Will Angell Breeds & Fists HungerFF's Prolapse 2

Will Angell Breeds & Fists HungerFF's Prolapse 3

Will Angell Breeds & Fists HungerFF's Prolapse 4

Will Angell Breeds & Fists HungerFF's Prolapse 5

Will Angell, of course, is more than excited to hold his own cock as he fucks Hunger, so he immediately obeys Hunger’s request. Will admits that this strange combination of bareback and fisting is too pleasant. Will is about to cum soon, so HungerFF is brilliant with his ideas again.

The great master of fisting offers Will Angell to put his balls in his hole and try to fuck him that way. Will does and realizes it’s too nice. A moment later, he shoots his load into HungerFF’s hole. Of course, now this used cunt needs cleaning, and HungerFF has an amazing idea again – he pushes his prolapse out of his body and tells Will to piss on it. This is the finale of this very dirty and intense scene.


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