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Yoshi Kawasaki – Orgasmic Salad

Yoshi Kawasaki - Orgasmic Salad

Fisting Inferno

Yoshi Kawasaki is going to the market. He’s going to buy some zucchini, carrots, apples, and make a real orgasmic salad inside of his fist fucked hole. Most people take the salad by mouth, but Yoshi has a hell of a hole that needs to be filled as soon as possible. If you used to think you saw everyone, now you’re going to see something really amazing. It’s so dirty and sexy at the same time. Yoshi Kawasaki and his orgasmic salad overcome all limits and taboos!

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Yoshi starts with a rather large carrot. Yes, many of us have used carrots, so this is not so surprising. The surprise comes when Yoshi sticks 2 large zucchini in his hole and starts fucking his massive rosebud. Then, Yoshi lubes his ass with butter and places a big ass tunnel into it. He then opens a box of yogurt and pours the contents into his insatiable hole. Once his hole is stretched to the impossible, he slips a huge apple inside. This is the perfect breakfast – an amazing orgasmic salad! Are you hungry after that?

Yoshi Kawasaki - Orgasmic Salad

Yoshi Kawasaki - Orgasmic Salad 1

Yoshi Kawasaki - Orgasmic Salad 2

Yoshi Kawasaki - Orgasmic Salad 3

Yoshi Kawasaki - Orgasmic Salad 4

Yoshi Kawasaki - Orgasmic Salad 5

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