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Fistpack 27 – Andre Barclay, Ben ReyesDeep Gay Fisting

Fistpack 27 – Andre Barclay, Ben Reyes

Andre Barclay’s looking better than ever in a pairing with a brand new Mexican fisting punch hole named Ben Reyes.
Fisting Skins – Dirk Stahl, Toddy & GizmoGay BDSM

Fisting Skins – Dirk Stahl, Toddy & Gizmo

Gay fisting and gay skinheads. After a fight between gay skinheads the ass of the unlucky loser Toddy belongs to
Fisting Animals – The MovieGay BDSM

Fisting Animals – The Movie

Fist Animals is just what you might think from the title, and from knowing that it’s a Dark Alley Media
Daddy RaunchGay BDSM

Daddy Raunch

These mature daddies live for it, worship it, and hunger for it. And in DADDY RAUNCH you get scene after
Hard Fisting For Bryan ParkDeep Gay Fisting

Hard Fisting For Bryan Park

Bryan Park is new in town and need to rent a room in a hotel. Once he has his own
Authentic AdventuresGay BDSM

Authentic Adventures

At the desolate military barracks a gang of skinheads lives out their sexual fantasies-bondage, fisting, fetish. In 1997 Cazzo’s first
Butt Play MenGay BDSM

Butt Play Men

Gio Ryder goes to the chest to get some ass stretching dildos for Matthew Singer’s butt. They both have a
Fistpack 22 – Matthieu Paris and Andre BarclayDeep Gay Fisting

Fistpack 22 – Matthieu Paris and Andre Barclay

Fisting legend Matthieu Paris takes center stage in this scene of Fist Pack 22. Gym Stud and Fisting New comer
Fist Pack 22 – Sky Devil and Ricky SinzGay BDSM

Fist Pack 22 – Sky Devil and Ricky Sinz

Ricky Sinz is one mean motherfucker, so we knew we were going to get something over the top when we
Double Fisting for Matthieu ParisDouble Gay Fisting

Double Fisting for Matthieu Paris

This scene from Fist Pack 22 opens with Matthieu suspended from the ceiling by chains, one wrapped around each leg.
Hard Fisting For Matthieu ParisGay BDSM

Hard Fisting For Matthieu Paris

Who doesn’t want to be fucked by hunky porn star Jim Ferro, who has the biggest cock ring ever! He
Berlin Fisting MarathonGay BDSM

Berlin Fisting Marathon

A Berlin gym is the headquarters of a kinky skin sexgang. On gym mats they undergo perverse rituals. In marathon
The Other Side Of Butch DixonDeep Gay Fisting

The Other Side Of Butch Dixon

Georges Sauvage manhandles a hungry cocksucker. He slaps him around and makes him suck and chew his cock. After fingering
Leather Men: Lucio Saints and Sam BarclayGay BDSM

Leather Men: Lucio Saints and Sam Barclay

The ‘great leather man’ Lucio Saints is a stunningly handsome stud and a stern master. Luckily Sam Barclay is just
Original OptionsGay BDSM

Original Options

Reward – Punishment – Submission: A trip into the bizarre world of sex rituals. A gang of fucked-up skinheads knows