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Daddy’s Fisting SlaveGay Fisting

Daddy’s Fisting Slave

Cody Winter is daddy D Arclyte’s personal fisting slave in the deep hole dungeon. And daddy apparently knows how to
Billy Takes A Big FistGay Fisting

Billy Takes A Big Fist

Young and horny fisting bottom Billy enters a leather gay bar where a muscle, tattooed stud is waiting for fist
Two Skinheads Gets PunchedGay Fisting

Two Skinheads Gets Punched

German skinhead Ben Armstrong and his boyfriend return for a last hole punching session with their aggressive fister. These two
The Big Dildo Challenge: Geo Dovek and Josh MilkGay BDSM

The Big Dildo Challenge: Geo Dovek and Josh Milk

Geo Dovek has been obediently waiting for the return of master Josh Milk. His cock has been hard and leaking
Christian Wilde Abuses Seth SantoroGay BDSM

Christian Wilde Abuses Seth Santoro

Tied to the corner of Christian Wilde’s dark dungeon stands the muscly bound stud Seth Santoro, awaiting an intense punishment,