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Alex Kiffeur Gets His Ass Punched By Scally Boy

Alex Kiffeur Gets His Ass Punched By Scally Boy 5

We’re happy to see that Jalif Studio returns to its kinky and dirty roots with an excellent gay fisting session. In this video French power bottom, Alex Kiffeur gets his ass stretched out, punched and fucked by Scally Boy. He appears dressed in a light blue sweatsuit and a dark blue sweatshirt, with white sneakers. An intriguing beginning if you have a fetish for sportswear and sneakers. The more interesting part, however, begins a little later.

Scally Boy forces Alex to get on all fours in order to get his ass fucked. The horny top plows Alex, but it looks that Alex’s sphincter could take more. The nasty bottom lowers himself onto Scally’s foot, swallowing up his foot. It’s a good foot fucking session, but Axel begs for the brutal punching he needs. Scally Boy obliges and places his fist into Alex’s cunt. After that nice fist fucking, Scally unloads his balls all over his heavy used partner.


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    Fisting Inferno


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