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Playtime – Damian FF and Axel Abysse – Part 1

Playtime - Damian FF and Axel Abysse - Part 1 4

All varieties of gay fisting in one video. This is the most accurate definition of the new video by Axel Abysse – Playtime, featuring him and new (for us) fisting pig Damian FF. We hadn’t heard of Damian until this week, but after brief research we found out that he was actually quite popular. Damian FF has almost 40000 followers on Twitter and it looks that his OnlyFans channel is pretty popular. Damian loves bareback fucking, but his big turn on is double fisting. Surprisingly, this young man has one of the widest holes we’ve ever seen and his rosebud is gorgeous. Two fists and punching, that’s what he likes most.

In this first part of Playtime, Axel Abysse and Damian take turns fisting each other’s holes. Usually, we always watch carefully what Axel does, but this time the impressive things are done by Damian. Especially the end when Axel slides his two fists into Damian’s rosebud and punches him double. You’ll see for yourself that the scene is good and Damian is handsome. One last thing – Axel and Damian also play with large dildos during the session, so be sure to watch it.

Axel Abysse

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