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Two Guys Fist And Fuck In An Airport Toilet

Two Guys Fist And Fuck In An Airport Toilet 5

The dream of sex on the plane leads these two muscular men in the airport toilet. They will not do it on a plane, because fisting on board is very difficult, but the airport offers them an excellent opportunity to realize their dirty fantasies. We don’t know their names, but one thing is obvious – the two guys are very hot – with their big, pumped muscles. There’s no scenario and they use their phones to shoot this video for Reality Dudes. The main part of the video is about jerking off and blowjobs, but it isn’t too vanilla, because the guys look like true gay pigs. We mentioned fucking in the beginning and that’s the next part. The tattooed guy gets bred by his buddy before he opens his hole wide and takes the other guy’s whole fist up his muscle ass. Fisting continues for a short while, but you know-the toilet can not be locked for too long.

Gay Fisting: Two Guys Fist And Fuck In An Airport Toilet 1

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