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Apolo XL Gets Double Fisted by MasterTwink

Apolo XL Gest Double Fisted by MasterTwink 1

Amazing fisting bottom Apolo XL is here with his latest session where he gets his hole double fist fucked and punched by rough top MasterTwink. MasterTwink is a horny rosebud lover who adores wrecking holes with both of his fists. He can’t hide his excitement and shares: “I can’t wait to feel Apollo’s gut. I’m a big fan of his and I’ve watched almost all of his videos. It is unique that I have the chance to fist fuck such a cool man.”

For his part, Apollo adds: “I made a tourist visit to the City of Caceres, and there I met MasterTwink who immediately decided to subdue me and realize his fetishes. In this part, I got fisted and double fisted by MasterTwink who was very horny all time.”


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