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Ashton Bradley Gets His Ass Stretched By Big Dildos

Ashton Bradley Gets His Ass Stretched By Big Dildos 2

Big dildos and rope bondage for poor soldier Ashton Bradley.

In an old tradition, the captured soldier must be tortured by the winner. Ashton Bradley is subjected to a series of torture, including big dildos, spanking and rope bondage, by his new master, sadistic soldier Pan Bash. How does their story begin? Ashton and Pan fight for the honor of their own countries, but in one of their collisions Pan is able to capture Ashton and take him to his military tent to avenge him for all the things he has done to him.

We know that you like big dildos, but if you like military men, Pan Bash is wearing an uniform all the time. Now, let’s go to the tent to check out what’s going on inside. We find Ashley tethered in a sling of ropes attached to the ceiling of the tent. Pan is close to him and he is considering what to do with the tied man. Ashton Bradley’s asshole is available for torture, so Pan decides to use some of his own toys. The set has enough bid dildos that could stretch the hole beyond any limit.

Pan bash grabs on of the dildos – a thin but very long butt plug and shoves it deep inside Ashton’s virgin hole. The soldier screams at his master to stop because the toy is too big, but Pan does not even hear those moans. Not long after, Ashton Bradley is stretched enough and his wrecked cunt is ready for the next toy. Pan bring the next dildo – a very big one. Very soon it also slides deep inside the soldier’s ass, destroying it irrevocably.


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