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Axel Abysse & Bulrog Have A Nasty Breakfast

Axel Abysse & Bulrog Have A Nasty Breakfast 7

Breakfast and fist fucking at the same time. Why not?!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Axel Abysse and Bulrog know it. They prefer it a little different, mixed with fresh ass juices from fresh fist fucked assholes. Would you dare to put a giant speculum in your partner’s hole and then fill it with food?! Probably not, but Axel and Bulrog are real pigs, so they decide to load their holes with food and consume it from their freshly demolished holes. We’re not ashamed to admit that it turns us on… Well, we’re fist pigs too.

The Photo Story

Cream in the rosebud
Bulrog puts a speculum in Axel’s ass and fills the hole with cream… It looks tasty!

In a culinary show, they would appreciate the presentation of this cake of rosebuds and cream. It seems that Bulrog is really enjoying his breakfast.

Axel Abysse & Bulrog - Some grapes in the right holes.
Axel Abysse & Bulrog – Some grapes before the session

Well, the grapes are quite tasty, but the two pigs are still hungry, there are still more products coming, so the breakfast will last more than usual, as you will see in the pictures below.

The Video

In fact, we will not be too detailed in our description, because the pictures give a general idea of the action. Tasting products directly from the gaping holes, is definitely too different from anything we’ve ever seen. However, we’d prefer to see more fisting and fewer food exchanges, but Axel is an artist, so he’s assessed that it’s his way of expressing emotions and primary passions. We’re interested in what you think of that. Is it really too much or is it something unconventional, possessing a peculiar charm? We can’t wait to read your comments. Now, let’s watch the video.

Axel Abysse

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