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Big Hands FF Punches Axel Abysse, ItalianXLFF Blows His Rosebud

Big Hands FF Punches Axel Abysse, ItalianXLFF Blows His Rosebud

ItalianXLFF proves once again that he’s the biggest rosebud lover in this fisting threesome with Axel Abysse and Big Hands FF. The way he blows Axel’s rosebud and sucks its huge lips is more than amazing. So, as you guess, Axel plays the bottom and Big Hands FF and ItalianXLFf tag team his guts. The scene features a bareback part (something unusual for Axel), as well as a lot of face fucking, gut-punching, and rosebud rimming. It’s a piggy parade filled with our favorite perversion.

About ItalianXLFF: Born in a small conservative village in the north of Italy, this handsome young man grew up feeling he would never fit. At the age of 16, eager to change his life, he moved to the seaside, then three years later left the country for London, UK. Thanks to his gifted anatomy, he always had a thing for holes that could handle a lot and his introduction to the joys of fisting came almost like evidence: as a guy, he was pounding simply offered to swallow his arm, he instantly knew he was made for it.

Pornography started as a hobby. He loves to show off, reporting his kinky lifestyle, spontaneous and fun. In just a few months, he’s been traveling and meeting with pigs from many places. Meeting with Axel was just a matter of time…

About Big Hands FF: Born and raised in London, BigHandsFF has always had a fascination with holes. From a late teen, he’d loved watching holes swallow big toys and fists and was hungry to experience fisting a hole for himself.

Having had his first fisting experience in 2019 on holiday in Istanbul, he discovered his big hands had a natural talent and was hooked; he hasn’t stopped exploring and wrecking holes since with his big hands. His biggest turn-on is giving the most pleasure he can to the bottom with his hands, toys, and cock.

His first video was posted to Twitter in December 2020 with no plan of what it would lead to, he discovered his exhibitionist side and began exploring his love of kink. Since then he’s continued to film and create porn.


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