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Bound Gods: Dale Savage Fist Fucks & Torments Archer Croft

Bound Gods: Dale Savage Fist Fucks & Torments Archer Croft 4

We had forgotten that sometimes Bound Gods shot fisting. In this extreme BDSM session leather daddy, Dale Savage flogs, fist fucks and torments Archer Croft – An excellent way to remember that the combination of fisting and BDSM is always great. In fact, Bound Gods have been filming very good scenes lately and we are enjoying this wonderful trend. We don’t have to tell you that the session contains a lot of extreme moments, so get ready for hot wax, whips, dirty talk and pretty serious torture.

Dale Savage appears in black leather trousers, boots, and leather gloves. The leather really makes him extremely attractive. This man seems too tempting in this look. He puts his leather hand in the mouth of the tattooed man, then spits into it. After the kinky start, Dale puts Archer Croft on the torture wheel, where Archer will stay for a long time. Archer is fixed very firmly through leather straps, so he’s at Dale’s disposal, no matter his own desires. Dale takes a burning candle and uses molten wax to make his slave suffer. Archer asks for mercy, screaming in pain, but Dale is not impressed by Archer’s call.

Still, on the wheel, Archer is subjected to a new series of tortures – flogging, claps on his body, Archer Croft will have to bear the test. After that, Dale Savage unbends Archer and bends him over the bench. Dale puts rubber gloves and starts finger fucking Archer’s hole. Dale places almost a whole fist into Archer and makes his rosebud gaping. The scene ends with Archer getting fucked by Dale. Used and destroyed, Archer stays in the dungeon and Dale leaves, at least for now. Whether he will return for another session with his slave, only the future knows this answer.

Gay Fisting: Bound Gods: Dale Savage Fist Fucks & Torments Archer Croft 1

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