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Men On Edge: Adam Ramzi Edged By Sebastian Keys and Lukas Tyler

Men On Edge: Adam Ramzi Edged By Sebastian Keys and Lukas Tyler

Adam Ramzi looks so good, wearing a black leather jacket, blue jeans, and black leather boots. No wonder Sebastian Keys and Lukas Tyler decide to put him on the edge in an intense and extreme edging session for Men on the Edge. We’ll be back to Adam a little bit sooner, but before that, we’re going to tell you more about the scenario of that really good video.

Adam plays the role of a great guitarist. He is super popular and extremely sexy, in short, he’s a dream man. There is only one problem – like any star, Adam has become too self-confident and impudent, and his behavior towards others is completely unacceptable. Sebastian and Lucas play the roles of professional photographs who will have a photo shoot with Adam.

When Adam Ramzi arrives, Sebastian Keys and Lukas Tyler are shocked by Adam’s extremely bad behavior. Well, they’re still attracted by the guitarist – with his tight leather jacket and jeans, he obviously has the perfect butt and vision, so the two photographs think he would be the perfect toy. Instead of kicking him out of the studio, the two of them decide to use Adam for fun.

Without being sure what is happening, Adam finds himself tied up with ropes for the ceiling of the room. Lukas Tyler approaches him and begins to lick his dick. He is rubbing, touching and kissing the dick, controlling carefully the degree of arousal of Adam. Meanwhile, Sebastian Keys brings a wooden rod with a large dildo attached to it. The dildo is shoved into Adam’s hole, as Adam screams with true pleasure in his voice.

Sebastian and Lucas massage Adam’s whole body without giving him the chance to get too close to the edge. Tickling, blowing … they realize all their fantasies, while Adam is approaching the happy end. One last level and Adam Ramzi spits his load all over the floor.

Gay Fisting & BDSM: Men On Edge: Adam Ramzi Edged By Sebastian Keys and Lukas Tyler

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