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BoundGods: Ace Rockwood Torments Cesar Xes

BoundGods: Ace Rockwood Torments Cesar Xes 3

Leather, gas masks, brutal electrical torture, Ace Rockwood and Cesar Xes. It sounds like the perfect BDSM session. Just wait for the beginning! We haven’t seen Cesar for a long time as a slave for BoundGods. In fact, his last time was more than a year ago when he obeyed Michael Roman. Well, today Cesar will definitely catch up on the missed one because what Ace has prepared for him is really brutal. Just wait till you hear his screams.

Now, let’s be more specific. Cesar Xes is tied up, waiting for Ace Rockwood in the studio. Ace appears in a very evocative leather, so the view is just wow. He starts torturing his slave right away. We’re missing the blowjobs, even though Cesar’s having difficulty, while Ace fucks his face, we go to electrical torture. Ace is completely relentless and uses his stick most of the time. Of course, fans of the flogging will not be disappointed, because the second part of the scene is dedicated precisely to this. The finale is clear – Ace fucks Cesar very rough until his cock shoots its load.


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