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Leather Master Michael Roman Tortures Cesar Xes

Leather Master Michael Roman Tortures Cesar Xes 2

Fisting Inferno

We were a little surprised that BoundGods had chosen such a stud like Michael Roman for the role of slave but pretty soon, it all made clear. Before we get to the moment when he becomes a master, we want to note that he looks astonishing in his leather trousers and boots. What a man!

Leather Master Michael Roman Tortures Cesar Xes
Michael Romain is The God of leather.

Cesar Xes is supposed to be the rough Master. He thinks he knows the situation but Roman has an unpleasant surprise for him. Roman wriggles out of his restraints, sneaks up on Cesar and grabs him with his strong arms. Roman lifts Cesar in the air by his neck and puts him over his shoulder and spanks his ass hard multiple times. He puts Cesar on his knees and fucks his mouth with his hard cock.

Leather Master Michael Roman Tortures Cesar Xes 1
Cesar Xes is finally abused by Roman.

In the next scene, Roman has Cesar’s body fully suspended with a web of black rope. Roman gets his leather flogger and hits Cesar all over his body turning his skin pink. Next, Roman bends Cesar over and shoves his big hard cock in his ass. He pounds Cesar’s ass deep and hard while in a full suspension and Cesar loves every inch of it. Roman lowers Cesar to the ground and puts a spider-gag in his mouth, followed by his cock. He sticks his leather gloved hand inside Cesar’s mouth and Cesar licks it. Roman removes the gag and jerks Cesar’s dick, making Cesar blow a huge load all over his own body. Roman takes off one of his gloves, shoves it in Cesar’s mouth, and cums on his face.

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Gay Fisting: Leather Master Michael Roman Tortures Cesar Xes 1

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