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Poppi and Seth Tyler – Fist & Fuck

Poppi and Seth Tyler - Fist & Fuck

Seth Tyler and cute little Poppi are already getting down to business when we arrive, with the daddy dude feeding the twink his hairy hole and jerking off. The boy is hungry for it, and he’s gonna get it all when Seth feeds him that hard daddy dick, then starts in on the boy’s hairy ass.

Poppi and Seth Tyler - Fist & Fuck
Poppi’s ass gets stretched by Seth’s fist.

He lubes up the boy cunt, sliding his wet hand in, stretching that pucker until his whole fist is in there. Poppi loves it, jerking off and moaning while Seth works his hole and follows it up with his bareback cock. He fucks that hairy pucker god and deep, pulling out to pump his load and then fucking it right back into the boy.

Poppi and Seth Tyler - Fist & Fuck 1
Seth breeds Poppi’s hairy ass.

Poppi loves the feel of his chute being seeded and it’s not long before the boy is jerking out his own load over himself!

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