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Brian Bonds Licks Jack Dyer’s Leather Boots And Feet

Brian Boots Licks Jack Dyer's Leather Boots And Feet 8

Leather daddy Jack Dyer is back. Last time he tormented Lukas Tyler. This time he gets serviced by the perfect slave – Brian Bonds who gets fucked by Jack, before he licks his boots and feet. And here comes the biggest question: How should a perfect slave behave? Brian will show you in an extreme gay BDSM session with hairy master Jack. Brian loves to serve and to be served and in this video he will have both. Of course, before he reaches his favorite anal stretch, he will have to make an effort. Jack is a pretentious master and he will expect the best service. Well, Brian will definitely give him one.

The beginning of the session is perfect. Brian is fixed to the ceiling of the room with solid ropes. Jack whips him as Brian licks his owner’s leather boots. Soon after, Jack shows Brian what his next job is by sucking on his cock. After a brutal face fucking, which makes Jack even more aroused, Jack needs Brian’s hole more than ever. He starts fucking while spilling hot wax on Brian’s back. Interestingly, the session doesn’t end when the two actors shoot their loads. Here comes something wonderful for all fans of foot fetish. Brian licks Jack’s leather boots, before he sucks his toes, and at one point he takes half a foot in his mouth.

Gay Fisting & BDSM: Brian Bonds Licks Jack Dyer's Leather Boots And Feet

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