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Chris Wydeman Rims and Double Fists HungerFF

Chris Wydeman Rims and Double Fists HungerFF 4

Do you like extreme prolapses and large rosebuds? Chris Wydeman adores them. That’s why after punching and double fisting HungerFF, he spends a few minutes licking Hunger’s enormous rosebud. You know the program: Chris starts with some punching, before going shoulder deep inside Hunger’s totally destroyed rosette. Then some hard double fisting and very soon Hunger’s big, fat rose is out of his hole. It looks so delicious.. We are sure that you would want to be Chris at this time. Well, being HungerFF is also very cool.. Honestly, this man is amazing. Below we publish his explanation about the scene.

Chris Wydeman is one of my favorite playmates! Back in March, he came down to visit after he was done with school and stayed a few days with FFurryStud and I! Of course we had to give him a nice, warm, J-Lube covered welcome on his first night staying with us! This video has all of what you’d expect from us, heavy duty deep fisting, double wide action, and I even choke him with my rosebud!

Gay Fisting & BDSM: Chris Wydeman Rims and Double Fists HungerFF

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