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Colin Bryant Fists Hugh Hunter – Part 1

Colin Bryant Fists Hugh Hunter - Part 1 1

Colin Bryant is on his knees waiting for Hugh Hunter to come. Hugh enters the dungeon completely naked and immediately starts barking out at Colin. Hugh doesn’t have any patience for fuck-ups like Colin and he doesn’t hide it. ‘Eat my ass!,’ Hugh commands as he bends over on the table. It’s hard to please Hugh because he knows exactly what he wants and how he wants it. ‘More tongue!,’ he yells out. ‘Deeper, pig!’ Colin is a quick study and soon Hugh’s demands are replaced with moans of pleasure as Colin gets in deep with his far-reaching tongue.

Hugh is still not fully satisfied by Colin’s tongue, so he orders the younger slave to fist his hole. Colin begins to work Hugh’s ass with fingers and then with his whole fist.

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Club Inferno Dungeon

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