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D Arclyte Fists Sebastian Keys – Part 1

D Arclyte Fists Sebastian Keys - Part 1 1

When Sebastian Keys arrived daddy D Arclyte had already put black latex gloves on. Sebastian knew what was next and he was worried about the size of those big fists but as a real gay fisting pig, he really dreamt of taking them deep up his stretched hole. Daddy D was in no hurry. He started off slowly and carefully. D first fell to his knees and thirsty licked Sebastian’s swaty ass. The smell of a male butt made D extremely horny. He only wanted one thing – to see his gay fisting slave taking his big fist.

Sebastian wasn’t sure of himself. It’s been too long since the last time. Yet he indulged in temptation, it could have hurt but he had to do it. Stop rimming, it’s time for fisting, Sebastian said. Daddy D was so happy to hear that. His humble boy was ready for his big hand. He started by testing Sebastian’s hole with his fingers. D began with 1 finger, then added another one until finally the five fingers disappeared inside the bottom. That was Sebastian’s limit but D had no intention of stopping.

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