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Daddy’s Dungeon – Scene 1: Tyler Rush and Silver Steele

Daddy's Dungeon - Scene 1: Tyler Rush and Silver Steele

The friendly businessman who found the love of his life – an young, perverted slave.

Silver Steele is a top manager in a large company and one of the most successful businessmen in recent years. He manages thousands of people, resources for billions, he’s a very important person at all. But like every man, despite his success, Silver has a dark secret – in his mansion he built a huge dungeon, where his personal slave lives. Tyler Rush started his career as an intern for the Silver’s company two years ago but shortly afterwards, he disappeared without a trace. Well, in fact, he has chosen his primary desire to be used at the expense of his career.

After one of the company’s parties, Silver invites Tyler to stay with him for the night. Tyler likes his boss, so he takes his offer. He thinks that this is going to be the beginning of a non-engaging sexual relationship, but instead, Silver takes him into his dungeon to share his passion for sadism. Tyler didn’t suspect what his boss’s sex life was, but now he’s got a bigger problem – he does not want to leave this place because he has already realized that his vocation is to remain at the disposal of his master forever. So he turns out to be the permanent occupant of daddy’s dungeon.

In this documentary series, Fisting Central show us what’s going on with these two guys. Like every night, Silver comes home and goes down to the dungeon to play with Tyler. The camera shoots, so Silver is ready to show the world his little secret. The relationship between a master and a slave is very complicated. Our relationship is really special because it is more spiritual than physical, explains Silver. He unlocks the cage and Tyler gets out of there. What happens next, you will find out in the video.

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