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Men On Edge: William Crown

Men On Edge: William Crown 6

William is the next man on edge.

We saw William Crown as a submissive slave of Jack Dixon, last December. Today he’s going to get edged for Men On Edge by Sebastian Keys and Chance Summerlin. Sebastian ties William up to a wooden chair and leaves. He’ll join again a little later but now, his friend Chance has to take care of William’s cock. Chance wraps his lips around the boner and begins to blow it, gently touching his head with a tongue. Chance is almost ready to cum but Chance knows the right moment to stop.

After that, Sebastian joins. He puts clamps on William’s nipples as Chance continues blowing the dick. Very soon Will is one step away from the ending but he needs to overcome himself if he wants to make a good impression in his first session for Men On Edge. He manages to concentrate just in time for the next test. Chance grabs a silicone masturbator and begins to service William’s cock. At this point, the chair rises above the floor and we mark that it is bottomless. Chance now sucks the dick again and finger fucks Will’s ass. Meanwhile Sebastian licks Crown’s feet.

For the last part of this session by Men On Edge, Sebastian brings our favorite appliance – the dildo fucking machine. He turns it on and the machine penetrates William’s hole. Sebastian switches to rapid speed, causing very intense anal stimulation. He knows that if fucking continues, he will lose William a little earlier than necessary. He stops the appliance and gives his place to Chance how has to finish the cock. Summerlin lubes the cock up with masturbation cream. Then he jerks William’s meat until the horny man looses himself all over Chance’s hand. Excellent work for Men On Edge, Will. Welcome! We can’t wait for your next session.

Gay Fisting & BDSM: Men On Edge: William Crown

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