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Derrick Hanson Fists Mason Garet

Derrick Hanson Fists Mason Garet

Two of our fisting veterans get together for our weekend update. Derrick Hanson and Mason Garet are well known as the stars starred in dozens of films over the years. Although we’ve seen Derrick as a bottom, today he tops for Mason Garet. It’s hard to say that Derrick destroys Mason’ ass because it’s already destroyed, but it’s always nice for us, watching scenes with heavy used holes.

Mason is soon ready for round 2. His hole is eager for thick fists again. Once Derrick starts to fist him, Mason grabs his big pierced boner and begins to jerk off. We really love when the fisted guy has a good erection – the harder dick is the better dick.

It’s time for the last part. Derrick gets on his knees and continues to serve Mason’s greedy hole. Meanwhile Mason doesn’t stop jerking off. His boner gets bigger and bigger. It’s pretty clear what’s next – Mason shoots his load onto the floor as Derrick’s fist penetrates deeper into his cunt.

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