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Do Not Disturb: Trent Bloom & Michael FlyBoyChi

Do Not Disturb: Trent Bloom & Michael FlyBoyChi

Double fisting with Trent Bloom. Yes, yes, yes! He’s finally back!

Trent Bloom drags his enormous rosebud back to AxelAbysse.Com for an extreme double fisting and dildo fucking session with Michael FlyBoyChi. Gentlemen and gentlemen, it’s time for “Do not disturb” by Axel Abysse. Trent and Michael gather together in a hotel room, put the “Do Not Disturb” sign and begin their dirty and so exciting pastime. Trent’s crater cunt opens its huge entrance to Michael’s rubber-gloved, hard-working hands. Double fisting and massive dildos, Trent is like a black hole, absorbing everything inwards!

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About Michael FlyBoyChi

Chicago-based world traveler, Michael FlyBoyChi, is a pretty boy face with filthy pig hands. As an avid lover of music, opera, and all things wrecked, he has traveled the world making deep fisting connections. Pun intended. In his debut film ‘Do Not Disturb’ with the legend, Trent Bloom, he revels in the chance to get down, deep and filthy with the one and only:

โ€œTrent Bloom is huge, in so many ways. I hate to say I grew up watching him, but I really did. He opened my eyes to the beauty, the filthiness and hotness of fisting and to get to play with him, especially my first time shooting, was a joy. What I liked the most about Trent was that even though heโ€™s such a big name, heโ€™s humble, so sweet, sexy and engaging.โ€

Photos – Do Not Disturb: Trent Bloom & Michael FlyBoyChi

About the scene

No bling, no pretending and far from the studios, the hotel room fisting session marks the latest edition of Abysseโ€™s project โ€œAxel Abysse Presentsโ€ where the acclaimed fisting and kink master brings back his favorite and most popular fisting play buddies in exclusive encounters with each other and upcoming models. Trent Bloom is a luminary in the fisting community who made a recent comeback in Abysseโ€™s โ€œCarnageโ€ series after a ten-year hiatus from porn modeling. In his first mutual session with Michael FlyBoyChi, Trent shows us once again that he definitely has the deepest and the widest hole on the planet. Michael uses extra-big dildos and both of his fists to satisfy Trent’s cunt. By the way, this the best double fisting video we’ve ever watched! It’s 100% too good to miss!

Axel Abysse

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