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Dominic Pacifico & Micah Martinez Fist Fuck Ace Stallion

Dominic Pacifico & Micah Martinez Fist Fuck Ace Stallion 10

Ace Stallion just finished his gay fisting session with Nate Grimes. Now he meets nasty daddies Dominic Pacifico & Micah Martinez who bareback and fist fuck him. Ace leaves the gym and goes to the locker room. He doesn’t even realize that two other gym clients have followed him to the room. Dominic and Micah were secret observers of Nate and Ace’s fisting session and are curious to know more about fisting.

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The two muscular men wonder if it hurts, what might make a man prefer a fist to a cock … just the usual things that many gay men are interested in. Ace Stallion explains to Dominic Pacifico and Micah Martinez that the pleasure that fisting gives is incomparable to anything else and tells them that they also have to try to feel this special thrill. Micah insists and offers Ace to fuck him immediately, promising that if he doesn’t feel satisfied enough, he will punch his ass.

Dominic Pacifico and Micah Martinez surround Ace Stallion, who lies on the bench. Micah stands behind the bench and starts banging Ace’s hole. Meanwhile, Ace is busy sucking Dominic’s cock. Dominic and Micah take turns fucking Ace until they finally realize that Ace won’t be happy without fisting. Dominic stands behind Ace and thrusts his fist into his ass. Ace tells him to punch him hard without worrying and Dominic fulfills his new friend’s wish. Not long after, Ace is almost ready to cum. Dominic continues to fist fuck his hole while Micah sucks Ace’s penis. Eventually, Ace finally ends up shooting his cum in Micah’s mouth.


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