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Dr. FrankenFuck’s Fist Lab

Dr. FrankenFuck’s Fist Lab 1

Welcome to ‘Dr. FrankenFuck’s Fist Lab’, a mad fister’s hideaway, where he conducts hardcore experiments. Hugh Hunter is Dr. FrankenFuck in this sci-fi fisting thriller brought to you from the twisted mind of director Tom Moore. The mad Doctor has created two muscle stud monsters and he’s devised a special treatment that stretches their assholes to the very limits and puts them into submission to get them prepared for life in the real world. His monsters dare not complain when their treatments start as they get cocks, toys, and fists shoved up their blown-out asses.

Models: Hugh Hunter, Teddy Bryce, Pierce Paris, and Scotty Taylor.

Episode 1 and 2 of ‘Dr. FrankenFuck’s Fist Lab’ are now available HERE. The rest two episodes are coming this month!

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