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Elbow Deep With HungerFF – Part 1

Elbow Deep With HungerFF - Part 1

Muscular newcomer Leo Grin just sent us his first gay fisting video, featuring him, HungerFF and Joe Gillis, another versatile newcomer who loves bareback and fisting. The best news is the three of them are absolutely versatile, so the show is going to be definitely hot. Of course, the main focus is Hunger, because he’s the biggest star, but Leo and Joe are also very good. As you can expect, HungerFF is the man who takes a fist elbow deep up his ass (well he also gets his ass double fist fucked). Joe is brutally punching the hairy star, while Leo is fucking Joe bareback. Once Joe is stretched enough, Hunger turns him into a fisting bottom. Eventually, HungerFF and Joe take turns fucking Leo raw.

Gay Fisting: Elbow Deep With HungerFF - Part 1 1

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