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FFPD – Fist Fuck Police Department: Brian Bonds, Dale Savage & Josh Mikael – Part 2

FFPD – Fist Fuck Police Department: Brian Bonds, Dale Savage & Josh Mikael - Part 2

Back to the world’s most kinky police department – FFPD – Fist Fuck Police Department for more gay fisting with Brian Bonds, Dale Savage & Josh Mikael. If you remember the first part of the scene, Josh was rushed by the officers of the law to return to the police station where these two brutal policemen fist fucked Josh’s ass, double. Josh felt excellent the whole time and later admitted that this was the best fisting session of his life. As a thankful pig, he decided to go back to the department for the third time and give Brian and Dale a particle of what he got. People say being grateful is important!

So Josh Mikael opens the gates of the FFPD – Fist Fuck Police Department and heads to the office of the police officers, who gave him an unforgettable experience. Once in the room, he is greeted with wide smiles from Brian Bonds and Dale Savage. The two cops know why John has returned and they no waste a moment in idle talk. Dale jumps on the desk and opens his legs wide. As Josh prepares Dale’s hole, Brian stands in front of Dale and pushes his big cock down Dale’s throat. Meanwhile, Josh is already wrist deep inside Dale’s muscle butt.

Josh Mikael fist fucks officer Dale Savage for a while, but there’s another man who needs his ass fist fucked. Josh bends Brian over the desk and proceeds to punch the officer’s rosebud. Brian is moaning in pleasure as Josh plows his ass with a clenched fist. Dale’s not happy he’s been ignored, so he hops on the desk, too. Now Josh’s task becomes a little more complicated because he has to fist fuck two holes at the same time. But Josh is a professional and knows the right way to satisfy two pigs at the same time. He just puts his fists on the desk and lets Dale and Josh ride them – the perfect end of this episode of FFPD – Fist Fuck Police Department.

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