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FFPD – Fist Fuck Police Department: Brian Bonds, Dale Savage & Josh Mikael

FFPD - Fist Fuck Police Department: Brian Bonds, Dale Savage & Josh Mikael 3

Everyone in FFPD – Fist Fuck Police Department department already knows about Josh Mikael and his incredibly ruined ass. It’s time for Brian Bonds & Dale Savage to check it out. The two officers have heard the amazing story of their colleague Luka Sage about the spectacular talent that Josh has in the field of gay fisting. If you remember, Josh got double fist fucked by Luka. Then he returned the favor by fisting Luka’s ass.

Brian Bonds and Dale Savage are pretty curious about Josh Mikael and want to test him. Josh just left his cell when the two officers found him near the police station and accused him of a fictional theft. Josh doesn’t want to go back there, but the officers assure him that this action is extremely necessary. When Josh comes back at FFPD – Fist Fuck Police Department, these two brutal cops tell him they know he likes deep rummages. Josh realizes what’s happening, and he’s happy to say that double rummages are his favorite thing.

A little later, Josh Mikael is already on the floor, blowing the big cocks of the policemen. Brian Bonds continues to enjoy the blowjob, meanwhile, Dale stands behind Josh and glides his fist into Josh’s rosebud. Dale starts punch fucking before he continues with double fisting. After finishing the hole, Dale Savage gives up his place to Brian, who also wants to play with Josh’s massive gape.

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