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Wall Stuffed – Scene 2: Bo Sinn & Trent King

Wall Stuffed - Scene 2: Bo Sinn & Trent King

Bo Sinn comes back to his private sex dungeon where two new bottoms are waiting for him. But which one will be Wall Stuffed?! Let’s check it out! Bo has working methods by which he will make a choice which of the two bottoms to be stuffed with his raw cock. Bo loves the smell of the male body, so after some feet & ass sniffing, he chooses Trent King. Trent does not expect what will follow, and at first, he seems totally shocked.

Bo Sinn starts by pissing all over Trent’s muscle butt. Trent can smell the piss, but he does not suspect that Bo holds a whip that will be included in the game in a few seconds. Bo starts flogging, while Trent King screams, asking for mercy. Bo stops for a moment, then brutally sticks his hard bareback dick into the poor hole of Trent. The tattooed macho brutally fucks Trent’s ass until his cock shoots a huge load directly inside the ass. But Bo has more fluid to release. He pulls out and pees over his slave’s butt once again.

Gay Fisting & BDSM: Wall Stuffed - Scene 2: Bo Sinn & Trent King

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