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FFPD – Fist Fuck Police Department: Tony Orlando Fists Sherman Maus

FFPD - Fist Fuck Police Department: Tony Orlando Fists Sherman Maus 7

Club Inferno’s gay fisting thriller “FFPD – Fist Fuck Police Department” continues with Tony Orlando and Sherman Maus. Bad news for all the drug dealers in our town – the good times are over, Detective Orlando is here to catch every criminal. Detective Orlando is well known for his working methods of coping with crime and Sherman is about to realize it. When he is taken to the police station, he still does not know that the detective loves the deep research. Well, the detective also doesn’t suspect that Sherman is pretty good at taking fists.

Back to the beginning. Sherman was just brought to detective Orlando for questioning. Tony is confident that Sherman is a drug dealer and is willing to do anything to get the necessary information. Sherman Maus, however, is not cooperative and fortunately for him, Detective Tony Orlando decides that he will find what he is looking for in Sherman’s hole. He puts a pair of black gloves on and tells Sherman to relax because his hole will be inspected in full depth.

Tony Orlando begins the processing of the sphincter, and instead of resisting, Sherman Maus presses heavily towards the fist. Tony finally realizes it – Sherman is not a dealer, he’s a regular gay fisting fan. Tony decides to apologies for the inconvenience caused by punching Sherman’s hole and rimming his rosebud.

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