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FFurryStud Gets Punched By Helena Kramer and Viktor Rom

FFurryStud Gets Punched By Helena Kramer and Viktor Rom 1

First bisex fisting session on Redixx.Com at all.

Today we will show you something different because we have a fisting session involving FFurryStud (as the bottom) and Viktor Rom and a woman (as the tops). Helena Kramer is a Spanish pron actress. She looks beautiful if you like women, but the most important thing – he doesn’t mind to fist fuck men holes. We aren’t into women, but FFurryStud and Viktor Rom in leather… well it’s pretty enough for a good session, but after all, Helena is doing great with FFurry’s little rosebud.

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We regret that the trailer we have does not include the fisting part, but be assured that there is a lot of fist fun in the full video. On the other hand, we have great pictures.

Pictures from the session

Here’s the trailer – once again, unfortunately, it does not include the hottest part. Please, don’t forget to follow FFurryStud on Twitter.


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    Fisting Inferno


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