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Fist Bus 2: Drew Dixon Fist Fucks Brian Bonds

Fist Bus 2: Drew Dixon Fist Fucks Brian Bonds 8

The Fist Bus returns with the hottest driver – Brian Bonds!

Two years later, the Fist Bus of Fisting Central returns with its second edition. In the first scene of the legendary show on wheels, Drew Dixon fist fucks Brian Bonds. You probably remember the idea of the series, but for those of you who missed the first part of Fist Bus, we’ll tell you a little bit more about the story. The van travels all over America, and his driver is looking for the perfect fist to take up his hole. Of course, it’s just a movie, so don’t be surprised that the first person getting into Brian’s bus is Drew.

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The scenario is designed, but the Fist Bus is real, so besides our favorite fisting, we will see the amazing landscapes of the desert around Las Vegas during the whole scene. But, let’s talk about fisting. The van is equipped with everything you need for a good session – there are a leather fuck bench, rubber gloves and gallons of lubricant, so it is enough to climb on the bench and enjoy the feeling of extreme anal stretching… Just like Brian Bonds.

Photos – Fist Bus 2: Drew Dixon Fist Fucks Brian Bonds

Brian Bonds first gets his cock serviced by Drew Dixon. Drew wouldn’t miss the chance to blow Brian’s definitely big dick. Then, Drew tastes Brian’s gaping hole by rimming it as deep as possible. Of course, very soon Drew gloves up and slowly pushes his fist into Brian’s ass. Dixon starts slowly by fisting Brian gently until his ass is fully relaxed and ready for intense fisting. Drew continues with nice punching that makes Brian gaping wide. This is the final of this first scene of Fist Bus 2. Next week we’re going to watch scene 2, where Brian returns the favor by fisting Drew.

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