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Fisting Inferno

Guy Jerks Off Inside Of Max Wide’s Fisted Hole

Guy Jerks Off Inside Of Max Wide's Fisted Hole 5

Big Hands FF brings his big fists back to Max Wilde’s place and gets the best of Max’s hole including jerking off with a whole fist in the ass. In fact, nothing unusual or too shocking for us, because we all know that Max has no limits when it comes to anal penetration. He is brave, thirsty, and always ready to experiment. When his friend Big Hands FF offers him to try the world’s first masturbation inside of a human ass, Max simply says yes. And this is the best solution because he gets a huge raw cock and a fist at the same time. What more could a powerful bottom demand ?!

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Gay Fisting & BDSM: Guy Jerks Off Inside Of Max Wide's Fisted Hole

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    Fisting Inferno


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