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Hardware: Axel Abysse Punches Yoshi Kawasaki

Hardware: Axel Abysse Punches Yoshi Kawasaki 2

Axel Abysse presents his brand new series “Hardware”. In this first part of the epic fisting action, Axel punches and fist fucks Yoshi Kawasaki. The scene is dark, somewhat gloomy, made in the classic style for sadomasochistic productions. Yes, we know that fisting has nothing to do with sadomasochism, but believe us, there are a lot of hard things in the scene. In fact, this is the first time we’ve seen Yoshi do something like this.

The video starts suddenly and literally blows up our feelings. Axel Abysse stands next to Yoshi Kawasaki and punches his hole with incredible force and speed. A closer look lets us know that while Axel is fisting his hole, Yoshi Kawasaki has a metal sounding rod in his cock hole. Fisting is so rough that at one point the sounding rod literally flies out of Yoshi’s cocks and he starts pissing spontaneously. When Axel finally finishes the hole, Yoshi pushes his rosebud out and lets Axel suck it.

Photos From Axel Abysse’s Hardware

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