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Stripper Hole Tryouts: Declan Blake & Aiden Ward – Part 2

Stripper Hole Tryouts: Declan Blake & Aiden Ward - Part 2

Fisting Inferno’s “Stripper Hole Tryouts” with Declan Blake and Aiden Ward continues this week with more extremely hard punching and fist fucking. Last time, Declan was barebacked and fist fucked by Aiden, so it’s time for him to return the favor. Aiden can’t wait to feel Declan’s fist in his ass and show his rosebud to the world.

The plot: As a club manager, Aiden Ward is leaning on the stripper pole with his rock-hard meat out, Declan Blake does his best to deepthroat the thick monster in his face. The tasting continues as Aiden spins around the pole and offers his scruffy hole to get devoured. As Aiden arches his back even further, Declan quickly lubes up and plants his fist in Aiden’s butt. Aiden’s ass welcomes Declan’s handball eagerly.

Each time Declan gives Aiden’s hole a slight break, the manager’s sloppy ass pokes out a meaty rosebud that slowly goes back into place. Switching positions, Aiden slides up and down the pole and onto Declan’s hand while his cock is planted in Declan’s mouth. Declan gets envious of Aiden’s hole being stretched, so he rides Aiden’s hard cock bareback while he fist fucks Declan’s ass. Aiden continues taking the deep stretching until his cock won’t hold back anymore and his releases his cum all over himself.

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