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Stripper Hole Tryouts: Declan Blake & Aiden Ward

Stripper Hole Tryouts: Declan Blake & Aiden Ward 9

Declan Blake & Aiden Ward join the team of Fisting Inferno in scene 1 of “Stripper Hole Tryouts” – an alternative gay fisting porn movie in which the action revolves around the pole. It all starts with Declan’s attempts to join Aiden’s stellar striptease show. The first show is special for Aiden and Declan has to show that pole dancing is his great passion. Declan tries hard, but Aiden thinks his dances are mediocre and too clumsy.

That’s why Aiden Ward decides to give Declan Blake another chance by including him in the special part of his show. There is only one condition and Declan will be accepted – he must prove to Aiden that he is good enough at taking fists. From now on, the game becomes rough and completely sexual.

Declan squats and happily takes Aiden’s massive cock in his hole. Aiden raw fucks Declan for a while till his sphincter is stretched and ready for a fist. Aiden shoves his whole fist into the hole and begins a passionate punching. Aiden continues to punch as Declan’s rosebud pops out of his hole. An attempt at double fisting follows, which puts the end to this first episode of “Stripper Hole Tryouts”.

Photos from scene 1 of Stripper Hole Tryouts

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