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SUBMIT 1: Devin Franco, Tristan Hunter & Liam Skye

SUBMIT 1: Devin Franco, Tristan Hunter & Liam Skye

In the first scene of SUBMIT with Devin Franco, Tristan Hunter & Liam Skye, there are 2 great new accents – Devin plays the master and he looks great in leather. Really, Devin, please wear leather more often. It suits you very well. For this scene, Devin chose black leather chaps with red stripes, and a leather vest again with red stripes, as well as leather boots. Red is the color of fisting, but in this scene the main focus is BDSM, so don’t expect fisting.

Liam Skye and Tristan Hunter play Devin Franco’s slaves. Tristan is fixed to a leather table with the help of leather handcuffs. Next to him is Liam who is placed in a cage. After the magnificent Devin appears, he uses his leather whip to flog Liam before freeing him from the cage. Devin tells Liam to approach the table where Tristan is lying. Now Liam will watch what happens.

Devin inserts a few fingers into Tristan’s hole and begins an intensive internal massage before driving his hard cock into the hole. Devin fucks Tristan furiously and wildly while his cum is shot on Tristan’s ass. Now it’s time for Liam to get involved by cleaning the seed off Tristan’s ass. Liam is more than excited to lick every drop of semen.

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