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Hooded: Nathan Hope and Andro Maas

Hooded: Nathan Hope and Andro Maas 1

Nathan Hope takes a long look at the line up, he’s extremely choosy and not afraid to test each boy quite hard before making his decision, try before you buy, right? This is a sex slave market and he wants something good for the price of his time and dominant ego. He may be the leanest of our doms, even by comparison of the subs he is not the biggest guy but what he doesn’t have in physical size he more than makes up for with a voracious sexual presence and a hard, aggressive and heavily physical attitude. He is all dominant top! For all the line up of subs know, he could be the biggest and hardest guy they’ve faced. He takes an obvious liking to one boy, cute bum, perfect pale skin and a willing sub. Nathan is an ass man and loves to make some pink cheeks red! He pushes him down, smacks him hard and lightly plays with his hole, for now. He want’s to face fuck him, which works better with lubrication right? Grabbing the boys head, tilting it back and spitting in his mouth, some hard thrusts with his dick, more spit, more thrusting and more spit. Nathan is fucking dirty and the boy is loving it! Pulled over to the bench he’s told to show off his hole. it’s quite a prize and Nathan is happy with his choice. Adding fingers and saliva in the picture makes it even hotter, plus the groans and sighs from the other end of the boy. Getting up behind him he lubes up and plunges in. Long slow strokes building up to a power fuck. Slapping those butt cheeks to keep them glowing all session. He fucks hard, fast and with serious determination, the boy is in total bottom heaven! A reward is due so Nathan decides to let his sub see who’s in control as well as feel it. The hood comes off but relentless and intense fuck continues!

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Gay Fisting & BDSM: Hooded: Nathan Hope and Andro Maas

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    Fisting Inferno


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