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HungerFF Punch Fists Aiden Hart – Part 1

HungerFF Punch Fists Aiden Hart - Part 1

Aiden Hart has a fat rosebud and you have to see it!

One word describes this scene best – a rosebud, fat, red rosebud. Believe or not, HungerFF succeeds to destroy Aiden Hart’s only for a few minutes. It’s a little strange to talk about Hunger as a top, because he became famous for his bottom skills. However, apparently he is doing well in the other role – when a new butt should be opened as much as possible. To be honest, we didn’t expect that Ajden is so experienced in fisting. We were convinced that he was just another sexy bareback slut. For reference, here, here, and here. So, to see him so wide open, with his huge hole.. This is a very nice surprise.

Turns out he’s been into fisting for years. So far, he can’t practice double and deep, but he says he loves punching. There’s probably no one else who can do the job as well as HungerFF does. However, he knows the depths of the human body and certainly knows a lot of secrets about opening of assholes.

So, let’s go back to Aiden’s rosebud. It is incredibly big and apparently he is near his first serious prolapse. Well, Hunger is still a champion in the field but Aiden has the talent to accomplish the same thing. Overall, the video is very cool. We love the destroyed asses, and here the emphasis is put right on that. This red, shiny thing is really irresistible. Do you think we’ll see Aiden taking two fists shoulder deep? We bet it’s coming.

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