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I Dream of Leather: Damon Heart & Michael Roman for Bound Gods

I Dream of Leather: Damon Heart & Michael Roman for Bound Gods 5

When your dream of leather is really huge, you can materialize it. Damon Heart does exactly that, dreaming of Michael Roman, in this BDSM session by KinkMen. Unfortunately, it’s just a movie… we’d also like to be able to materialize Michael every time we think about him. I don’t know if you’ve realized it, but Michael was born to wear leather. He looks so good in it that even the thought of him makes us so horny.

So, we start over. Damon is reading an erotic novel, starting to imagine the clear outlines of the strict master, who makes him the obedient slave, executing every command of his owner. Damon is already feeling Michael’s presence, he can even smell his manhood. When Michael appears, the dream of obedience and torture becomes reality. Damon is ready to serve, he is ready to do anything his leather master wants. No matter what it is! Metal clamps put on the most sensitive areas of Damon’s body, rude, brutal and inhuman flogging, and hard anal penetration. It really doesn’t matter. Michael Roman owns Damon Heart, his body and his soul.

In fact, let’s take a look at the gallery.

We wouldn’t want to tell you any more, because the video costs a lot more than any word. But we really advise you to watch the full video – it’s so brutal and hard, and the final… really powerful cumshots.

Gay Fisting: I Dream of Leather: Damon Heart & Michael Roman for Bound Gods 1

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