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Fisting Inferno

Ian Greene Gets His Ass Used By Rough Top Bo Sinn

Ian Greene Gets His Ass Used By Rough Top Bo Sinn 7

When Ian Greene gets a strange message on his phone from an anonymous number, he does not suspect that he will soon meet his idol Bo Sinn. The mystery message says that the anonymous man left something at Ian’s house. Ian is terrified and curious at the same time. If he comes home, maybe some sadist will abuse him, or the thing that awaits him is extremely good. Ian is too curious and decides to search for that special thing.

What Ian Greene doesn’t suspect is that Bo’s been chasing him for months. The tattooed man knows everything about Ian, including his sexual preferences. (Ian loves BDSM games, but you know it). The surprise that Ian will soon discover is a leather strap, along with a clarification to it that he should put it on his neck and wait for his new master to come. Ian executes the commandments because he’s sure the mystery man is actually his friend. But when Bo appears, Ian realizes that his dream becomes reality. He has dreamed so long about the aggressive, tattooed man and he finally has him. Ian is going to have the hardest and roughest session that will change all his ideas for brutal sex.


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    Fisting Inferno


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